I did some changes in the LAR protocol and suppose the new protocol is
named as ABC .
When i am doing make clean and then make.
object file "ABC.o" was successfully created.
Then i tried to run tcl file , nothing has been written in the trace file
and it gave me the following error

 21052015$ ns234 new.tcl scen1 setting other default settings...
removing unecessary packet headers...
num_nodes is set 100
loading mobility file
loading traffic file
Starting Simulation...
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I tried a lot but unable to find out where is the error. I am unable to
find out where is the error . in .cc file or in .tcl file.
could someone please help me.
My work has been stucked and i searched a lot but didn't get anything.

please please .............. help me .
Any hints -- how to proceed further ...............

thanks a lot

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