If you're still having this issue then I remember I had a similar
issue that showed itself if my app started whilst the keyboard was active.
Inserting this as the very first few lines of the app sorted it.

Option Explicit
If keyboardstatus = -1 Then keyboardstatus = 0

I suspect that when a form is loaded it interrogates the screen and
sets the form height to screen height, but if the sip keyboard is
being displayed the form height values are the remaining visible height.

Hope that helps.

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "George Henne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If you do a form_hide and a form_show, it should repaint completely. The
> only worry is if Window is caching and decide the screen does not have
> to be updated. 
> There is also an UpdateScreen command that can help.
> >Sometimes when, with the Keyboard showing, I switch to a new Form
> >within my app, the new form only draws/paints the area not covered by
> >the Keyboard display. From then on whenever I switch to that form it
> >always displays in this shortened version.
> >
> >I have tried putting a HideKeyboard command before each Show Form
> >instruction but it does not always seem to work. For example, if I
> >have just switched from say, the NotePad application using the
> >keyboard, I can end up with a short form display.
> >
> >The question is, is there anyway to force a complete draw/paint of a
> >form? 
> >
> >I am running NS Basic v7.0.4 under XP on a iPAQ 2210 (v2003).
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Jeff
> >Hi,
> >
> >I a still having the same problem (I exposed it on the 21/6/2007) 
> >
> >
> >At the time, George said
> >George wrote :
> >> I'm not sure there is much we can do here. Once we write to the
> >> we expect the OS to leave it there. If you do a Form_Hide and
> >> does everything come back?
> >
> >And I awnsered it does not...
> >
> >Géraud
> >
> >
> >

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