--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Chris Kenworthy"
> I have to say that you lost me at this point. dataFromWinsock is a 
> string variable, but ArrayA is indeed an array. That's clearly stated 
> in the Split function documentation. Now, you could save a copy of 
> dataFromWinsock and split it into another array, instead of saving a 
> copy of ArrayA, but that's not what you were saying.

Yes, you're correct that SPLIT creates an array of "String" variables
by parsing the original string data, so my statement about it not
being an array was wrong. My main point still applies about being able
to copy the content of one string variable to another by an assignment
statement (=). This applies to both string variables and  array of
string variables.

My other point was that arrays of other data types (integers, longs,
single, double, etc.) don't allow you to copy the content by a simple
assignment statement.

Sorry for the confusion (it was late when I wrong my response last
night :)


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