Alright, I actually emailed someone at /n software support about 
this, and got a fairly prompt and helpful reply, which I'll quote in 
part for the benefit of the group:

> To register ActiveX libraries from this toolkit onto the device, 
> you'll need to use the Control Manager application provided with 
> Embedded Visual Basic.
> Please open the control manager (under the tools menu), and add the 
> control to the device you are working with.  You also need to add 
> the desktop version of the control under Desktop Controls in the 
> Control Manager. You may be able to use a similar Control Manager 
> in NSBasic, but you will need to consult NSBasic support about what 
> tools are available.
> Alternatively, you can use the OK property of the object to license 
> the objects at runtime. On your development machine, make a button 
> or something that will print the value of the 'ok' property. 
> The 'ok' property will be
> like any other property that you would print.
> Now, run your program to find the value of the 'ok' property, it 
> will be a long string of characters.
> At runtime on the device, before you use any of the controls, set 
> the 'ok' property of each control you use to that string.  ex:
> This should fix your problem.  Hope this helps!

So, it sounds like my notion about using a property was on target, 
and that the 'ok' property isn't listed in the regular documentation. 

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "ghidera2000" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> On a whim I brought up VB6 and added some IP#Works controls. They 
> seem to work just fine. That got me thinking that maybe I 
> the wrong package so I went back and made sure I grabbed the 2002 
> activeX for pocktetpc. I uninstalled what I had and re-installed 
> new download but there's no change so I'm pretty sure I have the 
> right package.
> I do have an email with what looks like registry entries in it but 
> it just says to use it if I have to re-install at a later date. 
> have to have another look at that tonight.
> I've never seen anything that talks about using a key like you do 
> with Franson serial and Visual Basic doesn't seem to require it to 
> add the controls and see the properties (haven't actually run 
> anything with VB though).
> I think it would be good if George updated the NSBasic site with 
> some instructions. For that matter, get some links from the regular 
> pages to the IP*Works pages as I had to use google to 
> find the IP*Works announcement/instructions  at the nsbasic site.
> --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Chris Kenworthy" 
> <Chris_Kenworthy@> wrote:
> >
> > I thought I saw something about this a while ago, either on the 
> group 
> > or the NSBasic site, but now I can't find it, and I'm wondering 
> I 
> > was imagining it... something along the lines of 'you need to 
> create a 
> > project on your desktop that uses IP*Works, and access such-and-
> such 
> > property to find your licence key, and then you can write that 
> licence 
> > key into your NSBasic CE projects manually, assigning it to the 
> same 
> > property. But now I can't even see a likely-looking property to 
> work 
> > with.
> > 
> > Does what I'm talking about sound familiar to anyone else?
> > 
> > --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "ghidera2000" <ghidera2000@> 
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > I installed IPWorks on my desktop computer, created a simple 
> program 
> > in 
> > > NSBasic CE and uploaded it to my CE machine. Although I 
> the 
> > > activeX controls the CE program complains that they don't 
> I 
> > > tried copying the ocx file to the CE machine and registering it 
> with 
> > > regsvrce which made the program stop complaining but now its 
> a 30 
> > > day trial popup (which I'm assuming its not supposed to do).
> > > 
> > > Is there something I need to do in NSBasicCE other than adding 
> the 
> > > activex controls to the toolbar? When I drag them onto a form 
> the 
> > > poperties page for the control is basically blank.
> > > 
> > > Lost in a fog here. Anyone know how to use this?
> > >
> >

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