Hi again George, I have several Windows Mobile 6.1 devices:
-HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)
-Samsung Omnia
-Samsung i780
-Toshiba Portege g710
I'm developing an application with NSBasic using SQLite, flexgrids and 
Until now, I have detected the next problems:
SQLite sometimes does not install correctly at first time on Samsung Omnia, it 
shows an error when my program try to touch the database...    Uninstalling 
SQLite and reinstalling it after a softreset usually works.
In Samsung i780 screen is different that other devices...    It have a native 
320x320 resolution but as the screen is not very big, windows changes the size 
of controls "artificially" and font sizes to scale ALL controls of an 
application(NSBasic apps included) and show in a proportional size like the 
width of the screen were 240.
As result, I can't show the complete size of an opened combobox, and when I use 
the scrollbars of a flexgrid the letters contained on it appears to move little 
by little to the top of the screen and you see the contents "cutted" in a 
couple of desplacements of the vertical scroll bar.
Im investigating this fact, but it appears that would be some kind of 
applications to force the device to use the normal size of the controls and 
don't change size of font sizes ("RealVGA" application for example, I think 
that there is some information in the web of "xda-developers"), installing a 
couple of new fonts on windows with 96 and 128 dpi appears to help also.
I suppose that this fact may occur in other devices with non 320x240 screens...
In the toshiba portege g710 I have not tested anything yet.
In the HTC TyTN II all goes fine
I don't know what type of problems you have noticed, but if I can help you in 
anything...   Im here, feel free to contact me.
Best regards.

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