ok will do!  thanks

--- On Tue, 12/2/08, George Henne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

From: George Henne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re(2): [nsbasic-ce] Re: e-PocketSetup alternatives
Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 4:47 PM

I did a quick update to Tech Note 30, removing some of the bad links and
updating the sample scripts.
<http://www.nsbasic. com/ce/info/ technotes/ TN30.htm>

The hardest part is getting the .inf file right. A place to start might
be with the one we use for creating Runtime.ppc. exe, which is pretty
much a minimal installer, then having your program modify that:
<http://www.nsbasic. com/ce/info/ technotes/ TN30d.htm>

You can actually make it smaller by cleaning out all the unneeded
[CEDevice.*] paragraphs. For Windows Mobile, the only one you will need is

[CEDevice.PocketPC4 _ARM]
ProcessorType = 2577; StrongArm processors
VersionMin = 4.2
VersionMax = 100.0
BuildMax = 0xe0000000

You can then remove similar unneeded entries in the [SourceDisksNames] ,
[DefaultInstall] and [AddRegistry] sections.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions!

>Subject:   Re: [nsbasic-ce] Re: e-PocketSetup alternatives
>Date Sent: Today, 2:17 PM
>From:      Harold Wood <hwoody2wood@ yahoo.com>
>To:        [EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com>
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>From: styskul <[EMAIL PROTECTED] net>
>Subject: [nsbasic-ce] Re: e-PocketSetup alternatives
>To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com
>Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 2:05 PM
>Here's a good place to start: http://msdn. microsoft. com/en-
>us/library/ aa458981 .aspx
>--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com, Harold Wood <hwoody2wood@ ...> 
>> george
>> can you send me any documentation you have on the .inf file 
>format?  i would be interested in writing a front end editor.
>> thanks
>> woody
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>> From: Tim Markoski <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ..>
>> Subject: [nsbasic-ce] Re: e-PocketSetup alternatives
>> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com
>> Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 10:28 PM
>> George,
>> You may wish to contact these people for a possible arrangement.
>> http://www.ocpsoftw are.com/products .php?nm=cecabmgr
>> --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED] ups.com, "George Henne" <gh@> wrote:
>> >
>> > Now that e-PocketSetup is gone, some sort of alternative is 
>> > 
>> > We have always used Microsoft's tools for this ourselves, as 
>> > in this Tech Note:
>> > <http://www.nsbasic. com/ce/info/ technotes/ TN30.htm>
>> > 
>> > You create a .inf file that contains all the information about 
>> > project. Microsoft's CabWiz.exe program processes that to make 
>one or
>> > more CAB files. EZSetup is then used to wrap the CAB files into a
>> > compressed exe.
>> > 
>> > Once you get it set up, it an easy to use and powerful method. 
>> > editing the .inf file isn't the easiest thing: there are many 
>> > and the documentation isn't great. Also, CabWiz.exe is only 
>available as
>> > part of Microsoft's Windows Mobile SDK, which is a big download. 
>> > 
>> > Side Note: e-PocketSetup installs CabWiz.exe. I wonder if 
>Microsoft has
>> > given permission for this?
>> > 
>> > I think it would not be too hard to create a front end to edit 
>the .inf
>> > files, especially if you wanted to make something for just NS 
>> > users. We don't have time right now ourselves to devote to this, 
>but I
>> > will be happy to share all I know about how .inf files work with 
>> > who is interested. It might make a nice collaborative project for
>> the group.
>> > 
>> > 
>> > George Henne 
>> > NS BASIC Corporation
>> > http://www.nsbasic. com
>> >


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