why not move to sqlite?  better performance and smaller footprint.

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The ADOCE database is basically a compact version of the MS Access 
database. The question is which version of Windows mobile do you have 
and which version of ActiveSync.

With the older version (I forget which but it's easy to research) you 
can create an MS Acess database and copy it to your PPC. It will then 
have a CDB extension. ActiveSync will do the conversion. If not, 
you'll have to create the database and tables with code. 

ACOCE is really easy to work with, so I hope it works for you.


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> Hi I am new to ns basic and need a little help?
> I am trying to store some recipes on a system using NS Basic Ce to 
> develop but I don't understand a couple of things.
> If I use ADOCE and create a database the first time I run the 
> is the database that is created automatically stored. If when I 
> restart the program say after a power down is there the capability 
> check if the database already exists?
> I need two tables, one with 10 fields and the other with 25. The 
> first contains my recipe settings and the other collected data.
> I think the system can do this but I am not familiar enough with CE 
> devices.
> Alternatively I can write to and read from a file but Is there a 
> limit on how many times I can do this, potentially I will be doing 
> this about 5000 times per hour. It is not clear how to create the 
> array and then store it at a location where I can read and write to 
> it.
> I also thought of creating my recipes as individual text files and 
> linking a number to each one so that I could work through them and 
> store them on the flash disk on the unit. This way It looks very 
> to do and often easiest is best. I can create completes batch files 
> in a similar manner and use the time date function to name them 
> easily, again this is easy to do but my dilemma is with the 
> or dynamic data which I cannot afford to lose for legal reasons.
> Can you shed some light on this for me please?
> Regards
> Brian

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