I think found the problem, I use the emulator on default (English) and my Touch 
HD I change regional settings to Portugues(Brazil) and this change "No. Of 
decimal places" from "." to "," when I make

Set records=db.Execute("SELECT * FROM WMOtb WHERE CV = "& cbCV.Text &" and 
Polos = "& cbPolos.Text &" ")

The recors not recive any result on next step 

tbI220.Text = records(1)(10)

Show the last error.



De: George Henne <g...@nsbasic.com>
Para: "nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com" <nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com>
Enviadas: Domingo, 14 de Junho de 2009 7:19:21
Assunto: Re: [nsbasic-ce] On Emulator work On device not

Can you make the shortest program which reproduces this?

>I test my program on "Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator" and "USA
>Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Professional 480x800 Emulator" and work very well.
>I install on my HTC Touch HD, when I test show "Scripting Error
>Microsoft VBScript runtime error - line 162, char 0 Type mismatch:
>'records(.. .)'"
>code ine is 
>tbI220.Text = records(1)(10)
>I use the 8.0.2 version
>----------- --------- --------- -------
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