I'm not sure how you want to compare, but I did a comparison of my own,
just for fun.

I used a WM 5 device, running a 400 mhz processor.

First I loaded the NS Basic/CE Benchmark sample. A couple of clicks and
it was running on the device. The score was 12632 loops per second.

I then did the same program in Visual Studio 2005, using VB.Net. I had
to do a few more clicks before I got the result: 1277 loops per second,
about 1/10 the speed. 

I worried the problem might be the version of .NET Compact Framework -
it was 1.0 on the device. So I got the 33 meg download from Microsoft's
site and installed .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to the device. Rerunning
the benchmark resulted in 1290, essentially unchanged.

I also compared the size of the programs. The NS Basic version was 6656
bytes, while the .NET version was 8704.

This example is almost certainly too trivial to take seriously - but NS
Basic is looking pretty good!

Has anyone done a more substantial comparison?

>Hi All,
>Does anyone have any specs on apps written in NSB-CE versus mobile apps
>written in .Net?
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