There are a few things to look at:

1. How are you deploying SerialCE.dll to the device? Is it properly

2. This device stores program files in volatile memory, which loses its
contents when power is lost. The registry is stored in flash memory,
which does not lose its contents. The installer looks only in the
registry to see if the program is installed, and gets the wrong answer.

3. The .exe installer is an executable for the Windows desktop. To
install on the device, you need the .cab file. There is a setting in the
IDE: Tools...Options...Installer which keeps the CAB file around after
compilation finishes. That's the file you need to put on the card.

I hope this helps!

>I have do a program with NS Basic.
>When I install in the device, a GK-7000.
>If I install in the device, It appears in the Programs Menu and when I
>try to run it I get a message as:
>Could not create non-visual control ('serialce.port.1') because
>IClassFactory could not be obtained, (err 8007007e)(serialce.port.1 as
>objport, child id 1200 at 1000, 1000/5, 5
>I must to close.
>But If I install the Install NS Basic then it runs!!
>But If I Power OFF the device, The programs are not in the MENU and not
>in any carpet (Dissapears!!) but If i try to reinstall, It say to me
>that program is installed and if I wants to reinstall.
>I have tested to install in a SD Card and the programs are stored after
>reiniciate the device, I run the .exe but I get a Error as:
>pROGRAM: xxxxx.EXE
>EXCEPTION: 0x80000002
>Address: 03fd683c
>Help!! Thanks
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