I've noticed that while some controls return "dimensional" properties in Twips 
and most expect such properties in Pixels there is a need to determine the 
TwipsPerPixel value - which can vary.  However I haven't found a clean way to 
get this value from API calls since Output.hDC doesn't exist and nothing seems 
to be built into NS Basic/CE (or I've missed it).

According to 
 a rough aproximation can be achieved by dividing the world into 96 DPI and 192 
DPI devices.

This would let me do something like:

If Output.Width >= 480 Then
  TwipsPerPixel = 7.5
  TwipsPerPixel = 15
End If

Is this more or less what people are doing?  Is there an alternative?  Have I 
missed some general guidelines on Hi DPI device support someplace?

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