Try it so:

You create a Frame, you assign the ListView to the Frame then:

AddObject "Frame","FramePartnerCeg",4, 28, 232, 236
AddObject "NSBasic.comctl.ListView.1", "NSListViewPartnerCeg", 0, 0, 232, 236, 
FramePartnerCeg  'FrmPartner_Form

You assign the Frame to the Form at the time of the sheet's formation then.

Sub FrmPartner_Load
  SetParent FramePartnerCeg, FrmPartner_Form
End Sub

The events will work already so.

You find help here:

--- In, "michiman56" <rriemer...@...> wrote:
> NSB/CE version 8.1.2a
> I am having problems catching the OnClick event in certain 
> "NSBasic.comctl.ListView.1" controls.  I have one where I can never catch the 
> event in the OnClick handler:
> Sub lvwServNav_OnClick(oEvent)
>     MsgBox "Click"
> End Sub
> I do have a number of added ListItems.  Clicking on an Item does cause the 
> item to be selected (visible highlight set on).  This listview control is in 
> Report view.
> In the very same program I have another Form that is mostly clear of 
> controls.  Adding another NSListView and an OnClick handler there works fine!
> Using menu actions I can move from one Form to the other and back.  The 
> "important" one (lvwServNav) never works, while the dummy test one 
> (NSListView1) always does.  Both are added via AddObject, and I have verified 
> they're being added to the Form they "belong to" (verified the AddObject 
> "parent" parameter).
> I have gone over my typing many times and I don't think I'm spelling the 
> event handler routine wrong.  I've even commented out the settings for 
> various properties such as HideColumnHeaders, MultiSelect, FullRowSelect, etc.
> Are there some conditions that I have missed that could cause the event not 
> to fire?  Is there a trick I missed in naming the event handler properly (I 
> can't see anything I missed)?
> Other events on this Form such as LabelX_Click and ListBoxX_Click are being 
> fired and handled as expected.

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