Thanks, I think I could use this. At least I can cruise the folders and
display a list to the user with a name he/she can recognize.

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Do not rely on the serial number to identify each device, as an example the
new iPAQ 212 devices return the same serial numbers.

To answer this question:

If I put that in a file on the PDA, it would get sync'ed to a folder on XP
and I don't know which folder it went to.

When the device syncs with the desktop and you have chosen "File" transfer,
all the files in the "My Documents" folder on the device will be sync'ed
over to the destop in the folder with name like:

C:\Documents and Settings\JoePC\My Documents\JOES My Documents

The "JoePC" is the login username of the desktop.

The "JOES My Documents" is the folder created by ActiveSync for the device
to perform file transfer.

The "JOES" is what you define on the device in the settings:

    Start -> Settings -> About -> Device ID

The "Device ID" here must be defined unqiuely for each device you synchroise
with the desktop, hence it is the way ActiveSync knows which device is which
if you sync multiple devices.

When you sync the device, it will transfer the files over into it's unique

Your application on the desktop will not know which device has actually
sync'ed. But you maybe be able to tell by creating a Status.txt file on the
device with say a DATE/TIME in their. Your desktop application should check
periodically for the Status.txt file in every folder and check the DATE/TIME
for changes.

Or you can interact with the ActiveSync process to detect when a device has
been inserted into the cradle.

The following gives some code examples on how to use the RAPI.dll on the


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> Thanks, I didn't know that but I don't think that would solve the problem.
> If I put that in a file on the PDA, it would get sync'ed to a folder on XP
> and I don't know which folder it went to. Each folder would have a serial
> number but I still don't know which PDA is sitting in the cradle. Follow
> what I'm trying to say?
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> Hi George,
> you know that NSBasic/CE can read the serial number of the device
> I assume, and the problem is that the desktop program cannot access this
> information? What about letting the program on the device write that
> to a text file, then the desktop program can read that file first, then
> that info derive the folder name.
> Kind regards
> Thomas
> Von meinem iPhone gesendet
> Am 08.03.2010 um 17:37 schrieb "georgeewalters" <gwalt...@...>:
> I'm trying to write software to handle multiple PDA's collecting and
> submitting data. I have writte the software in the XP computer and written
> the software on the PDA using NS Basic. My problem now is how do identify
> which of the more than one PDA is sitting the cradle for syncing so I can
> put/get the data in/from the correct folder. Anyone know how to do this?
> I've googled around a lot and have no results. No problem with only one
> but more that one presents this issue.


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