I wanted to disable the Ok button in the top right hand corner, so no matter if 
your clicked it, would not let the user close the program.

I have in my code

ShowOKButton True
sub output_close

end sub

My program has a number of msgboxes that pop up throughout its use.  One 
problem I am having is if a user clicks the "OK" button in the message box, 
then they click the "OK" button in the top right hand corner I get this error 
that appears
Object required:
The program does not freeze, but all the buttons become disabled, and I have to 
manually shutdown the program in the task manager.

However, when i click the "OK" button in the msgbox, then tap anywhere on the 
Form, then tap the "OK" button in the top right hand corner, I don't get this 
error at all.

The reason I left the output_close even blank is because I have a number of 
routines that need to run when the program exits, and too many errors were 
occurring in the output_close sub.  So I had to create an Exit command button 
and throw them all in there.

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