I am now getting more and more people complaining about this date-picker 
problem.  It seems to be limited to the HTC (hacked?) version of WM 6.5.

I am starting to have to offer refunds and I guess eventually will have to 
declare HTC phones a no-go area for my programs.

Any chance of a fix ?


--- In nsbasic-ce@yahoogroups.com, "rmrsoft" <a...@...> wrote:
> A user has just pointed out 2 problems with the Date object on his HTC.  One 
> seems to be HTC-specific the other I can reproduce.
> 1.  Tapping on the arrow to the right of the object does not open the 
> date-picker display, it open up a a virtual keyboard.  (HTC-specific?)
> 2.  Seed the Date picker with today's date.  Then try and adjust the date by 
> tapping on each part of the entry and typing.  Day and Month are fine, but 
> when I tap on the '10' of the year it immediately changes to '20' and will 
> not then accept any typed inputs.
> Anyone else see this ?

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