Hi George, Hi all,


I'm  currently developing an application where results are drawings graph,
table, and explanation on the interpretation of what is shown.

After a couple of try I found very easy to put all of that in a single
picture box. For this of course I'm using the latest MSCEpicture.

The visual size of the picture box is 240x240 but when report is generated
the internal size of the picture box is around 1500x600.


Idea is to use divide this space in pages with the vertical scrolling, and
in section with the horizontal scrolling.

Scroll is activated  using the fingers (like iphone) or 2 top section
button.  Scrollbars are deactivated to provide the best space on the screen.

I have also tried to implement a smooth scroll to give it a modern look.


Unfortunately scroll is so sloooooooooooooow that it finally makes it


I've made several tests and sounds that bigger is the picture slower is the
scroll like if the total internal image was scrolled. Which does not sound
right to me, as only displayed size should affect the speed, the invisible
part should just be a story of internal pointers!


I have an Ipaq 210 and NSbasic 8


Have anyone got a suggestion, or is there any trick to obtain a decent
scrolling speed.

Thanks in advance.


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