A friend of mine is a .NET programmer.   He uses Visual Basic.NET to program 
Windows Mobile applications.

He confirmed to me that using Visual Basic.NET he CAN access an SQL Server 2005 
database on a desktop machine from his programs on the PDA without any 
additional software.  He says that with MSSQL he has a choice of working 
directly with databases on the device and/or databases on the desktop, and that 
this is built-in in the SQL Server libraries installed on the device.

I must say I want to do this using NSBasic :-)

My first hurdle is how to install SQL Server's libraries on the device without 
using Visual Studio.  Can any of you guys help me with this?   I have been 
searching on the internet, but can't find a clear explanation on what I need to 
download, nor install.

In addition, if anyone has worked with SQL Server and can share code on how to 
access the database on the device (run queries, traverse the recordset, 
etc...), I would appreciate these too.

This sounds very interesting, and something worthwhile implementing on the 
NSBasic platform.

Best regards,

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