I waved my magic wand and got the scanner issue resolved but still having 
trouble trapping the Enter key.

A simple "TextBox1_KeyPress(key)" will capture many keys but does not trigger 
at all on the hardware Enter key.  Should I be watching for some other event 

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> Hi, George.
> Having a couple of issues here and hoping you can help with resolution.
> Device is Symbol MC-9060 running Pocket PC v4.2.0.  The app is expected to 
> capture three pieces of scanned data plus one keyed entry then write the 
> record to a file and reset for the next record.
> 1) my app relies on trapping the Enter key as a means to advance the input to 
> the next field using SetFocus.  This works when testing with the WinMobile 
> 6.1.4 emulator but not on the device.
> 2) I cannot trigger the scanner on the device.  I know it is functional as it 
> works with the built-in "Rapid Deployment Client."  I have tried the Symbol 
> sample app, following the directions in Tech Note 27 without success.  Of 
> course, scanning within my app doesn't work either.
> Any thoughts?

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