I use a tenor sax gig bag with the chanter and drones in hard plastic  
cylinders.  But I'd never check them through even if I wasn't allowed  
any other cabin luggage -- bag is just big enough to add a pair of  
nicks, vest, and shaving kit in case the check-through goes astray.   
The external pocket is just big enough to take two of the A5ish music  

John Clifford
who travels perhaps too much each year

On 25 Nov 2005, at 12:02, julian templeman wrote:

> A couple of questions for the list, arising from the
> fact that I'm probably going to be working in New York
> for eight weeks or so in the new year...
> Firstly, is there anyone on the list living in -- or
> within easy reach of -- New York?? I'm planning to
> take the pipes with me to while away the evenings, and
> it would be nice to make contact with anyone in the
> vicinity.
> And secondly... what would people recommend as a
> decent travelling case? The one that came with the
> Burleigh set doesn't strike me as particularly suited
> to the rigors of air travel, especially if some
> delightful airline person decides they have to be
> checked in! I've heard that an alto sax case would do,
> and I can probably get one of those fairly cheaply.
> ttfn,
> julian
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