I have used this system for a number of years and it works well. Just make 
sure you wrap the chanter and drones in a soft cloth to stop them rattling 
around. If you like me keep your maintenance kit in the case remove scalpel, 
needles etc before travelling. I have only had to unpack it once to show 
what it is. but I think that was a slow day in french customs!
Simon Leveaux
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> Hi All,
> The soft Sax bags are great but they bend whereas pipes don't. I tend to
> cover my drones and chanter with plastic plumbing pipe that you can get in 
> the
> appropriate diameters for about two pounds for three meters from B&Q DIY 
> stores.
> Cut it down to size with a hack saw and place one bit over the chanter and
> another over the drones.
> Just an idea.
> David Ward
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