North America has at least nine different species of wren (it sez in this
'ere book wot I've got), but what is known there as the Winter Wren is
indeed the same as the European Wren, Troglodytes troglodytes.

Jonathan Taylor

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On 7 Dec 2005, Dru Brooke-Taylor wrote: 

> Does anyone know if the Winter Wren of Seattle, NPS Magazine Page 39, 
> First in composition competition, is troglodytes troglodytes? If so 
> it's the same one as we know which also looks like the little woodcut 
> on the next page,

The woodcut was sent to me by the composer when I made exactly the same
enquiry - thinking that probably a 'Winter Wren' would turn out to be
something different to 'ours', as with the American Robin.

I should maybe have added a note to this effect since I couldn't fit the
illustration on the same page. Certainly the tune reminds me of what was
singing very loudly in my backyard as I was compiling the mag.

Hope this helps

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