Hi everybody,

I will be teaching a 6-day Northumbrian smallpipes course from July 9-14 on 
Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  The school has moved this year to a 
resort on the shores of the Georgia strait, with sand beaches and mountain 
views toward Whistler in the Canadian Coast Range.

I highly recommend the 6-day format.  You can go into much greater depth 
with almost any aspect of piping than you can in a weekend, and the people 
have more time to practice between their sessions with the 
instructor.  This particular school also allows for both "major" and 
"elective" classes, so you can study more than one topic (for a full list 
of courses taught at the school, see their website).

For information, or to register for this event, go to 
http://www.celticperformingarts.com or call (in North America) 
250/758-0208, or 866/301-2358.  For questions specifically about the 
Northumbrian smallpipes course, contact me.


Dick Hensold                    St. Paul, MN                    651/646-6581
         Traditional Folk Music, Early Music, and Cambodian Music
                 Northumbrian smallpipes, recorder,
           Medieval greatpipes,Swedish sackpipa, & beyaw.

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