I've got metal bodies plus cane tongues in my G set, and metal bodies with
plastic tongues in my F set and they both sound fine. Not sure if I could
tell the difference without looking.

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When Colin Ross refurbished my Hedworth set some years back, he replaced the
original cane reeds with metal body/cane tongue ones and, to be honest, I
have found them far more stable and (I didn't think I would like them as
they were not the "traditional" ones), I actually prefer the sound they
I have had no reason to try anything plastic as these are still playing fine
so I can't comment on those variations
Oh, I don't think they should be making noises like that - or at least mine
never did. I sound as if they are open too much (maybe with the tongues too
thin as well?) but as I am not techie I may be in error. I found no
difference to the amount of air used when they were changed.
Colin Hill
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> No doubt this topic has been discussed often in prior threads.
> My NSP set has natural cane reeds. The drone reed diameters for the
> drones is not much more than 1/8". It is pretty amazing that these reeds
> could be made from some narrow, delicate, pieces of cane. Can't argue with
> the result. The drones sound fine. One thing though, is they seem to
> alot of air, or make a very noticable hissing noise while filling the bag
> prior to striking in. I have experimented with moving the bridles up, ever
> so slightly to reduce air consumption, but have found that these reeds
> more often shut down before getting the desired reduction in hissing.
> some experience with composite reeds on SSP and GHPs, I observe that
> bodies, broader blades are easier to adjust for minimal air consumption
> while not shutting as readily.
> I am not planning to replace the natural cane drone reeds on my NSP at
> point, but am curious what the experiences and preferences are of the
> veteran NSP players are on the possible permutations:
> 1.All natural cane
> 2.Cane blade on metal or wood or plastic bodies
> 3.Plastic blades on metal or wood or plastic bodies
> 4.Metal blades on metal or wood or plastic bodies.
> Thanks,
> Sam
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