A question, or two:
I take it that most of those on this list are members of the NPS too? And if 
you are members, then, is not one of the qualifications of being a member to 
promote the pipes and accept that the NPS have some say as to what are the 
small-pipes and how the Small-pipes should be played?

Then please could I have a definative answer from the NSP as to what method of 
fingering the chanter is acceptable when playing in the NSP competitions. In 
other words, does one have to play 'detached' or can one play by 'running in 
the notes together without a gap? Would one get marked 
down/disqualified/encouraged to play 'detached'? What about the Judges who may 
accept non-detached fingering?

As Mr Fenwick was a representitive of the NSP then I would guess that what he 
wrote in the tutor was and is still correct today, as I've not seen any other 
publication by the NSP as to contradict this.


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