Dear Adrian et al,
Despite what I said about 'anything goes' as long as it helps towards what  
the player is trying to express in their playing I still think that the  
'default' method of playing the closed end NSP chanter is detached or staccato  
whatever you like to call it as Chris Ormston has clearly said and other  
contributors to this discussion.
In selecting judges for our annual competition the committee of the NPS  look 
for players who respect this default style of playing but who are also good  
musicians that look for a sincere and musical approach of the competitors to  
their performance. We then look for judges who are able to combine this with 
an  ability to convey their opinions clearly to the performers in commenting on 
what  they have done.
Put your mind to rest that the NPS is not lowering standards but is also  
allowing for a development or extension of the closed fingering 'one finger off 
at a time' method of playing.
Colin Ross
Chairman NPS


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