On 7 Jul 2006, The Irish Flute Store wrote: 

> Anyone have an NSP set available?  I'm in the market. 
> I would really like an Evans set in F or G.  


The nsp world is largely a sellers market. The main two places that 
sets come up these days are the NPS newsletter (there are 4 in the 
latest issue, tho' at least one is already sold), and ebay, about 
which all I wish to say is "caveat emptor", since I have seen sets on 
there whose owners obviously have very over-inflated ideas of their 
value when in indifferent condition.

You are most unlikely to come across a G set, since they are about as 
common as hens teeth, and their owners hang on to them.
And restricting yourself to a single preferred maker is going to make 
your wait very, very, long.

However I wish you luck


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