I find it difficult (well, impossible) to actually write ABC but have a
music editor which can print out the dots from midi.
Using abc2midi you just copy the abc file and paste it into notepad and save
with a <name of tune> .abc file. Double clicking on it generates a midi file
which you can then play on any midi player or any midi program.
I have still to master writing them though but just being able to hear the
tunes is really handy and (for me) more accurate than trying to hum from the
After all, you may not like the tune after all that work of translating into
A google for abc2midi will get you to the actual pages.
Colin Hill

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> 1.  I am obviously one of the few illiterates on the nsp list who do  not
> know what an 'ABC reader" is.   I would be most grateful if  someone could
> enlighten me. Tunes seem to come through in letters which I can  then sit
down and
> translate into notes/"dots", but is there no way of sending  the tune in
> in the first place as I do with my regular music  program.
> 2.   I would also be grateful if some kind person could tell me  the range
> what in German is called a "Diatonisches Akkordeon"  (Is  it called a
> melodeon in English?).
> Pardon my ignorance and my thanks in advance.
> Sheila
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