Hello Ann,

as far as I know, "der Bordun" means the lowest tone of a number of  
sounds, e.g. the bell with the lowest tone in a cathedral. As such,  
there should be only one singular form of the word. Theoretically,  
the plural form would be "die Bordunen", and if this makes sense  
depends of course on what you want to say, e.g. talking about them  
generally speaking. If you talk about "Bordunpfeifen", a single one  
is a "Bordunpfeife", and plural form is "Bordunpfeifen". I hope this  
is about what you wanted to know!

Kind regards,

Hartwig (Norway)
Den 22. apr. 2007 kl. 13.12 skrev Ann Sessoms:

>    A question for German speakers:  Does "der Bordun" have a plural  
> form, or do
>    people use "Bordunpfeifen"?
>    Thanks,
>    Ann
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