Last Saturday I crashed on my bicycle avoiding a couple of dogs at the 
bottom of a long downhill.  The worst of my injuries is a torn ligament 
between my thumb and forefinger on my right hand.  I was in the drops when 
I hit the pavement and jammed my thumb against the handle bar, pushing it 
in the opposite direction of its normal bent.  It requires surgery to 
reattach, which I'm scheduled to have next Monday.  The orthopedic doctor 
gave me some very bad news about how this will effect the movement of my 
right thumb.  He said I need physical therapy to do regular things like 
typing on a key board, so I'm very concerned how this will effect my 
ability to hit keys with my thumb.  Has anyone here ever had this injury 
and how did you get back up to speed on the pipes after surgery?  I hope 
the doctor was just giving me a worse case scenario.

all the best,

John Dally


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