Tom Mullen and Ron Blake founded Manchester Pipers' Group more than 30 years 
ago and the group has held an annual Pipers' day for about 25 years. I am told 
( as a recent arrival on the scene) that the day and particularly the evening 
concert has over all those years acquired a name as a relaxed and enjoyable day 
out. I've certainly enjoyed the last few years.
Due to changing circumstances the 2006 concert was restricted to the daytime 
with only a very short after tea concert. The 2007 concert has had to be moved 
to a new venue ( the one the group now use for their regular monthly meetings) 
and for the first pipers' day in the new venue we are repeating the daytime 
only formatt. BUT look at the tutor line-up, what a formidable trio of talent.
The members of the Manchester Pipers' Group are very keen to know what support 
there is for a return to the 2100 hrs finish with a proper evening concert and 
anything else you would like to see included in the day's programme.
As we all know, but I'll say it anyway, the success of a pipers' day, with 
regard to its viability, can only be measured in terms of the number of pipers 
that attend. So thinkig ahead to next year we need to make the 2008 day one 
that will change the 'might attends' into 'will attends'.
So please let us know your thoughts; contact Malcolm Craven, still a driving 
force in the Manchester Group even though he has retreated from the North West 
Frontier back to home ground in Northumberland or contact Margaret Watt who is 
also taking bookings for the 2007 Pipers' Day e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] or me, 
the e-mail arm of Tom Mullen or Tom himself by phone. BUT better still come to 
the 2007 Pipers Day on 8th September and tell us then.
Neil Tavernor

Details and booking form for 8th September in NPS July magazine

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