Thanks to all those who have contributed to the discussion so far. It 
was far from my intention to upset those from a GHB background who 
obviously take the tune so seriously. To me it's just a good tune, 
with a rather unsatisfactory printed version in a book mostly used by 
starting out nsp-ers, or those learning about the Northumbrian 
tradition.I felt I owed it to them to ensure that an approachable and 
coherent tune appears in the new edition.

Thanks to you all, I now have 9 versions (including those in Alistair 
McCrae's article) and am promised a tenth. As these range from the 
C17 to C20, I think I can probably find one suitable for our purpose. 
Then when the draft goes out to proofreaders further comments may 

If anyone wants a doc with nearly all the versions on, let me know.


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