A few more......

Jenny Netties
Sewer Plumbers of Galashiels
Whistle O'er The Lavatory


Chris Ormston wrote:
Dear All,
I recently received a card through the letterbox advertising Northumbria Pipes 
Plumbing Services.  Unfortunately this stimulated a purile torrent of 
piping/plumbing/lavatorial puns as follows:

The Ball Cock of Whickham
Plumb Ye Not From Newcastle?
Andrex Carr
Kleenex in the Wind
Crappy the Pitman's Bog
Biddy the Bowl Wife
Solderer's Joy
My Love Izal But a Lassie Yet
The T**d on the Hill
Nae Guid Luck About the Out-house

I'm sure there are more!  I wonder if the Professional Pipers listed in the NPS 
Newsletter are Corgi registered!!!



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