No, it's a sort of sail, hence "Lugger".
Isn't it?
Or was that a boat with big ears sticking out each side to catch the wind?


Ormston, Chris wrote:
And here was me thinking that the 'lug' might be an ancient tool fashioned from a curlew's beak by the early Christian monks of Lindisfarne to tune their Northumbrian pipes, or perhaps a form of sheep tick that the shepherds had somehow domesticated and taught to carve out the fingerholes while they played their pipes to their flocks.

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Dear Sam,

The 'lugs' are a pair of devices situated on either side of the head as in ' If 
yi divent shurrup aal giv yi a belt across the lugs.'?You may need to look it 
up in a Geordie Dictionary. I am afraid that NSP's come with a bit of local 
jargon known as 'Geordie' since they were developed in Northumberland and 


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Hi Colin,    What is the 'lug'?    Sam    > If you can be bothered to read this after all that has been going on it  > concerns the use of the 'lug' to tune the chanter 
and little theory.  >  >  > The notes to be tuned are the three that make up the Major Triad or  > Doh,MeSo,or Tonic,major Third and Fifth intervals.  
>  >  > Start with the G drone on and do the G,B and D notes.  >  >  > With the D drone on and the G switched off, tune in D, F# and A.  
>  >  > With the A drone switched on ( tuning bead on G drone) and the rest off,  > tune in A,C# and E.  >  >  > This leaves you with 
the middle C which is tuned as? fourth interval  > against the original G drone.  >  >  > That is the limit to which you can tune the chanter as if you try 
to tune  > against E for those E minor tunes you will find the middle B too sharp for  > the rest. Strangely enough the E note does not seem to be too sharp for  
> !
 the D an A drones to play against. This is called Mean tuning and any  > tuning issues can be corrected by means of bag pressure. Jack Armstrong  > was adept at this as I 
found out when I was asked to service his pipes  > where the chanter needed coaxing to play in tune.  >  >  > If you want a tune to test your chanter try 
Carnaval of Venice which  > covers all those middle notes.  >  >  > Cheers,  >  >  > Colin  >  >  > ?  >  
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