Ah, sorry, I had misread you to mean "if you try to use the B you've
   already got (from tuning for G major) against a drone in tune with the
   E you've already got (from the A) it won't work. Because, as you
   explain, the B would need to be sharper. It is strange, I find, that
   Mike Nelson explains his lower tuning for the bottom E as being for the
   sake of G major rather than for permitting E minor. I have my low E a
   bit flat relative to the top E and this permits me to play in E minor
   quite successfully (it was tuned this way by the maker).

   The middle E even tho it is tuned as a perfect fifth against the A
   drone does not sound too sharp against the G and D drones strangely

   The interval C-E can sound a bit odd tho, at least to my lugs.



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