Thanks again, Alan and Christine, for organising it.
It was my first event of this sort, and hugely worth while.
I'm still relatively new to nsp's and still gratefully borrowing other people's sets, but have been on plenty of musical teaching events, both as a student and teacher, and the teaching here was of a really high order.
As was the friendly atmosphere.
And I'm gutted that I didn't book to stay for Sunday night - I'll know better next time!

Alan Corkett wrote:
Dear All

Just a quick thank you to all those who came this year to contribute to the
thumping great successful weekend piping course that it turned out to be,
including an amazing Sunday bonus playaround on the end.

Christine and I were very moved to receive a public thank for hosting ten
years of these events and hope that we can look forward to many more.

We much appreciate you support

Alan & Christine Corkett.

PS We are taking £60 deposits for already for places at next year's weekend
on 5-8 March 2010.

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