Dear John,
No, it would not do at all for me to play the tunes as I would be imprinting my own style, whatever that is, on the tunes with all the bad habits of gracing I have picked up over the years. This would also apply to other pipers who have learnt from 'the old guys' and have developed a personal style of their own perhaps. Opinion would be divided as to who is the best and my solution of using a mechanical device to demonstrate a tune aurally for those who are unable to do this from the printed source would at least- and it would be the very least- give those folk an idea on how to tackle playing a tune and then go to a player or a recording of a player to get the spirit of the tune infused into it.
Colin R

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  Perhaps, you could make the recordings yourself, Colin.  That way the
  bench would be quite clearly marked.  It would seem likely that there
  could be all sorts of interpretations of a tune, or bad playing
  technique, if the sound source were another instrument.
  Last night I played tunes with a friend, an ear player who grew up in
Morpeth, was active in the folk scene in Northumberland for many years before moving here. He plays stringed instruments, so the popping pipe sound goes nicely with the slurry string sound. He doesn't play any of
  the tunes note for note the way they appear in the books, because he
  picked them up by ear, having heard many from the time he was a lad.
  If I said, look, you're not playing that tune correctly, it would be
  like the anthropologist telling the tribesman in New Guinea he's
  hunting monkey incorrectly.
One tune in particular, "The Hesleyside Reel", is very difficult for me
  to play at his tempo without cutting out some of the notes.  Was it
  written for the pipes?  It's a lovely tune, but my right hand's
ligature doesn't like it very much unless I play it at a rambling pace.
   Now, I realize, if I had Chris Ormston's technique I could do it
  properly, but I never will (I'm not alone, am I?).  If the choice is
  mucking up the tune or adapting it to fit my technical abilities,
  what's a guy to do?

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  [NSP] Re: First 30 tunes

  Dear John,
  When I was saying that I thought the tunes in the 'First 30 Tunes'
might be better played on some other instrument than the small pipes to give an idea of how the tune went it was to avoid the copying of pehaps
  bad playing technique from pipers who had contributed tracks for the
  CD. I had no experience of using ABC copies of the tunes to generate
  audio copies but it seems to be a relatively straightforward way of
getting the printed tunes out there to be heard. At the moment the NPS
  is only interested in producing a CD to accompany the '30 tunes' book
but as we have most of the other tunes that are in our publications in
  ABC form it could be applied to all those tunes that beginners have
  difficulty in lifting off the page.
  As you say the main problem is in finding someone to do the job.
  Colin R
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    An abc pipers' tunebook should ideally -
* Not be a copy of a printed source. It might affect its sales. Let
        alone copyright questions.
      * So should be mostly traditional unpublished material.
      * It could contain new tunes too, if submitted by the composer -
        copyright again.
* It should be communally authored - wait for a single author and
will take a long time, and will mirror his taste; be it excellent
         or otherwise, someone will disagree! It is a view of the
        that we are after, not just Joe Bloggs' bit of it.
      * Abc's could be submitted to the nsp mailing list, and someone
        web-literate could put it online.
      * So we need a willing able volunteer.
      * Here the plan falls to the ground.....
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    I'm glad you wrote this.
     I suggested something similar but my post never appeared (that
    often and yes, I did send it to the list, not the person who posted
As I said there, I've been trying to do something similar with a book
hurdy gurdy tunes but some other player beat me to it by playing all
    tunes on the piano and making it available as an mp3.
    The cries of "ah, that's how that bit goes" continue to echo.
    Colin Hill
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    Subject: [NSP] [NSP]Re: irst 30 tunes
> If tunes (the "first 30" in the current context, but it holds for
> the NPS tunes) were posted in "abc" format on the NPS website, it
     >   enable people with the necessary programs to print them in
    >   format they wished, hear them as midis, transpose them etc.  It
    >   of course, reduce the sales of NPS books.
> I thought about this when we were playing tunes on F chanters at
     >   Halsway with other musicians.  The music books proferred by
> of course no good to the other musicians unless they were really
    >   at transposing on the hoof.
    >   Mike Walton
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