My lovely wife Heather takes a  dutiful, if passing, interest in some
   of these exchanges. Her outsider's opinion on this topic is
   interesting. She reckons changing James Allan's diminutive form
   from Jamie to Jimmy is as big an error as changing Robert Burn's
   diminutive from Rabby to Bobby! Bearing in mind that Jamie Allan is one
   of the most famous pipers/characters of all time we should at least get
   his name right. Imagine the uproar if a Scottish Poetry Society
   single-handedly called its most famous bard Bobby!!
   As aye
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     From: Matt Seattle <>
     Subject: [NSP] Re: Information please
     Date: Wednesday, 11 March, 2009, 11:51 AM

   On 3/11/09, Anthony Robb <[1]> wrote:
   >    ... a cavalier disregard for accuracy.
   >    I wonder if we can look forward to a correction soon?
   In the scheme of things, this is a small matter. The NPS, like any
   human construct, is imperfect. But as a body and as individuals I find
   much more readiness in the NPS to admit and correct errors than is the
   case with many other human constructs, including and especially
   another piping society with which I have some familiarity. By
   comparison, the NPS looks enlightened - really!!
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