On 12 Mar 2009 at 0:46, Anthony Robb wrote.

Hi All,

I have sent Anthony Robb a copy of my e-mail suggesting the genesis of the tune
Jimmy Allen.

The tune first appearred in print in an EFDSS publication in the early 1960s. 
Since then it has passed into the wider English musical tradition under the 
name Jimmy Allen.

The tune was rieved from Scotland. It apparently has 3 tenths of nothing to do
with any Northumbrian tradition except the one of stealing and changing other 
people's tunes which we do very well.

It also has no relation to the piper, horse thief and multiple military 
deserter, J Allen Esq (late of Durham workhouse).

If the NPS were to try and change the title of such a  widespread tune, it 
would look like ridiculous pedantry. 

Like it or not, the tune Jimmy Allen is now part of the English musical 


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