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   Great stuff Chris!
   I've your prize winning duet set (with Cathy Goss) from the same
   Rothbury bash. Do I have your permission to include it in my walk down
   memory lane?

YES! Though I remember getting lost at one point - nobody's perfect!

   As for your recordings; there's a familiar air about these and if I'm
   correct they were very probably recorded with AKG 451s. The people
   involved  at the time (If the cider manufacturer has anything to do
   with it) swore by AKG 414s for vocals and 451s for instruments.
   The ideal mics for pipes have as flat a frequency response as possible.
   Bruel & Kaejer 406s were unbeatable in this respect but they cost 5
   times as much marginal improvement offered. These days many
   professional engineers go for sE electronics. They are made to the
   highest standards in China. The sE 4 has wowed the pros as a little
   stunner costing just under A-L-250 (about the same as a 451). The sE
   4400a has an even flatter response but these are A-L-850 for a matched
   If money's no object go for Schoeps at about A-L-1500 apiece. (specs
   very similar to 4400a!)
   As aye

Yes it was Mr Magners! As for mics - I just play the pipes <grin>

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      Hi All,
      In the new-found spirit of altruism on this list, and for those of
      who've not already had a bootleg copy, I've uploaded some tracks of
      tunes from the Clough MS here:
      Chris Ormston
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