It's on sale at HMV;1;-1;-1;-1&sku=951168
Needs someone to give it a review

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  Hi everyone,

  I have just listened to Andy May's new CD "Happy Hours" and have to say
  that it is fantastic. I think Andy has actually had the CDs for a
  little while, but it doesn't seem to have had much publicity yet, so
  thought anyone who hasn't heard about it yet might like to know.

  There's some lovely stuff on it - everything from Peacock to Hill to
  some of Andy's compositions and  a great set of Galician tunes. There
  are also some great guests on it - including Andrew Davison playing on
  a duet track which culminates in the wonderful Glasgow City Police
  Band. The title track "Happy Hours" has much more of a band feel to it
  & has great lift & life. Of course Andy's playing itself is as
  fantastic as always.....

  Perhaps he can send an email & let everyone know where to buy it!

  Pauline (not on commission!)


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