Refering to Julia's last paragrap.

And these rules can never be changed!!!

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This was my response to Bob's post, also sent offlist.

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On 21 May 2009, Robert Greef wrote:
can you please clarify?

1) will the presidential election be by a vote at the EGM?
No, the EGM is a ratification process of a candidate already selected
by the committee. (see rules, p. 57, item 5)

2) are proxy votes allowed, or is it by members present?
To date, it has always been members present.

3) is there a fixed counting process e.g. secret
ballot, show of hands etc?
Previous presidential elections have been by popular acclamation.

4) is there a fixed list of candidates
prior, or can nominations be received from the floor?

See (1). Colin was trying to persuade the committee to open the process to members, but as Susan correctly states it is otherwise in
the current rules, and the committee feel they have to abide by them.

I hope this helps

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