Just to make sure, again,-yes, count me in on this resolution


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   Just to let everyone know what's happening. The submission for Julia
   will go off as soon as I'm confident that the people whose names appear
   are happy. Some have expressed opinions so clearly and I don't expect
   to hear further from them. If you are having doubts either way about
   the presence of your signature please get in touch no later than
   Tuesday 26th May.

   May I add that I am doing this with Colin's approval although he
   certainly did not instigate it. In my view the Society needs the
   involvement of the grandees such as Colin. To have him put out to
   pasture at this stage would be, I think, unwise and unjust. Here is
   what I hope to send to Julia next week:

   Julia Say

   Hon. Secretary

   Northumbrian Pipers' Society

   Dear Julia

   We the undersigned request that an Extraordinary general meeting of
   Society members be convened in order to consider the following motion:

    "Following strong dissatisfaction expressed by many members, this
   meeting proposes that the committee's choice of president be
   reconsidered, and mandates the committee to re-start the selection
   process, with nominations and voting facilities to be extended to the
   entire membership."

   Yours sincerely,

   Helen Capes

   Richard Evans

   Gordon Greenley

   Philip Gruar

   Paul Gretton

   Marianne Hall

   Simon James

   Ian Lawther

   Anthony Robb

   Adrian Schofield

   Matt Seattle

   Neil Tavernor


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