Pipers All
   A reminder that Pipers' Day this year is in just 4 weeks time on 3rd

   Pipers' day in south Manchester has been a regular event for most of
   the last 30 years, it's always a good day, and this year will be no
   exception with our line up of tutors  Andrew Davison, Richard and Anita
   Evans and Adrian Scofield.
   The day will comprise four playing skills workshops and this year a
   half hour presentation on the conical bore chanter from a leading maker
   and player who specialises in Flemish pipes. More information at

   Daytime from 1000 to 1800 hrs at Grove Lane Baptist Church, Pingate
   Lane South (off Grove Lane), Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 7NP. Morning
   coffee, lunch and afternoon tea inclusive. The evening meal and concert
   from 1830 will be at 'The John Millington' in Cheadle Hulme village.
   Bookings for the evening meal which is not inclusive will be taken and
   phoned through during the afternoon.

   Price of the day is only -L-30 and your place can be booked by
   contacting Margaret Watt tel: 01484 643773, e-mail
   [2]marga...@jacksonandwatt.org.uk, postal address 2 Station Road,
   Golcar, Huddersfield, HD7 4EQ.




   1. http://www.jonesinstruments.co.uk/
   2. file://localhost/net/people/lute-arc/L30047-8835TMP.html

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