It is a great track. I have been lucky to hear Willy A and Willy T and Jo play 
and the wonderful rhythm and sheer joy for the music was infectious.  
I should add that Anthony and Richard Butler were the first tutors that I ever 
had. Ian Lawther with his enthusiasm and annoying habit of playing any 
instrument well!!  first got me to competitions . But I have been made to feel 
so welcome by so many people it seems unreasonable to list more . However Colin 
R, Pauline, Andy, Chris, The Rothbury crew and David B. thank you in this 
public forum. I would also like the NPS and all those who have organised, and 
helped me. 

I have always felt privileged to have access to such generously given advice 
and guidance.  

Simon Leveaux
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Lovely, Anthony!

Beautiful pace and nice gently elastic rhythm.

That kind of playing contains a fine balance of movement and gravity,  
whether imagined or representing the actual motion of dancers.
The playing of Joe Hutton. is another great example.

I like the added variation to Miss Forbes.


On 24 Oct 2009, at 07:06, Anthony Robb wrote:

>   Here's a wee snippet of Will Atkinson playing some of Madame
>   B.,Fiddler's Cramp and Mrs Forbes Farewell to Banff. I think we  
> can all
>   learn something from his clean controlled playing. What think you?
>   [1]
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