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This gives a perfect example, the letters you know but not in the order that I set them. You attempted a joke that some may find amusing, probably because your imagination could not crack the code. Perhaps this will soften your hardline stance on written things, you would have to be in Luxembourg for a couple of years to get to grips with its' language, but if you had a set of written crib cards it would be possible for you to start on the language from the comfort of your home. Now, to address your standpoint on dots, we need audio clues to help us try to imitate the sounds and eventually they stick in the audio soundbank. I do so agree, but not to the extent that you propose. Modern (new research) concert instrumentalists, starting as children now learn their instrument by ear for the first few years, when they have learnt the instrument and some of its' possibilities, they are introduced to the dots and in so doing create a happy medium and a happy player. In recent mails Tom Clough was reported to have said that Thomas Todd forbade him playing the melodyof the Barrington, he had first to learn the exercises (Julia; are there any random exercises kicking about?) -- some of us need the dots to see the exercises as we can't get to learn from an expert, there are not enough to go round. You know from your experience that it takes a lot of time to imprint a melody into the audiobank(brain). The older you get the longer it can take, some are lucky in that they already have enough to go on and merely refresh old memories, I envy their good fortune. We need the dots as memory helpers, us mortals wot don't concert or barn dance etc. We know we are mortals, so don't knock what you don't have the background to comprehend, you had it all around you all your life, us out here ain't got it and probably won't get it. I will try to be like the Philharmonic, they know their instrument, they have practiced, and they use their music for clues and memory assists, but they all play the conductors interpretation of the piece, emotion, speed, warts and all. I am still trying to learn about my pipes but for me it is a slow, fascinating process I hope will never end. I love them --- and without NSP dots I would be playing Boismortier, Corrette, Lullay, Rameau, Zweitackters, alouette, Himmelsmaerch, Mozart, etc etc

Tra 4 now ( confirmed dots supporter)

Dave S   (
Anthony Robb wrote:
I did have one but the wheels fell off.

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    Subject: [NSP] schei greiss
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    Wunnerbar eppes vun déi schéi sprooch vun hei ze léiesen
    kriit's d'och schéi greiss vun Useldéng

    Dave S

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