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> The sound of musette with harpsichord, also on the same youtube "page" is 
> just a wonderful noise! -


Hi Philip and all,

Well, this video is interesting but possibly not for its musical qualities. The 
musette seems fairly out of tune. By 5.45 the pitch is rapidly losing altitude, 
finally crashing at 6.30.
This lady plays far better than I can (that's not saying much) but I don't 
think she was really ready for a professional performance of that kind. The 
performance is pretty hard driven (the harpsichordist too) and I suspect she 
was playing at an unduly high pressure with insufficient bag control.
> The Palladian Ensemble have recorded the Vivaldi/Chedeville Four Seasons, on 
> a CD called Les Saisons Amusantes - haven't checked to see if it's still 
> available - with Jean-Pierre Rasle on musette and Nigel Eaton, hurdy-gurdy

Yes, it's a lovely CD .  . . Amazon are listing one copy (used) as of today. 
For my taste, though, the best performance of Nicolas Ch├ędeville's arrangement 
of 'The Seasons' is by Matthias Loibner playing hurdy-gurdy  which is indicated 
by Ch├ędeville as the alternative instrument. Calling the instrument a vielle 
always improves the sound of any hurdy-gurdy in my view. The truth of that can 
be judged here where there are several samples of this recording:



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