Hi Alec; quite a distance between us. I live in the North Midlands of UK, a 
steeltown called Scunthorpe. The availability of timber here is non existant 
unless you want some wet pine for building. I believe the building regulations 
now state 12% moisture content nowadays though. I travel 120 miles to fetch a 
wee bit from my nearest supplier in deepest darkest lincolnshire. A hex will be 
upon me should I divulge the whereabouts of this grid reference. Not used Sugar 
Maple but after 40 years of drilling holes, my accuracy is close enough to use 
the "real Mc'oy" my biggest problem once more is the grid reference of the tone 
holes. Oh there's nothing wrong if you want to play in F concert and tweak the 
reed but what I seek is the actual tone holes for F+20C without any tweaking of 
reeds and I believe now have found it after many many attempts and failures. 
Known in some circles as " the secret of the golden rivet" It aught to make 
reed making easier for this particular chanter at least. This is of course for 
the long chanter and being very long (Low G) doesn't allow for the same kind of 
bullying of the redd without the reed losing something of its quality. This is 
entirely in my opinion of course and I sometimes wonder if I am allowed an 
opinion. I don't make pipes for a living nor do I intend to however I do like 
to play them in tune wherever possible with the odd visitor when the weather is 
nice. Do the fibres on Sugar Maple stand up when treated with oil or does it 
behave like the Black woods do? I have noticed this on Box. Best wishes from 
England Alec. Malcolm -- CalecM wrote : 
       " . . . blackwood or ebony . . . "?  I may live in California, but
   my genes are still Scottish!  I work everything in maple until I'm
   absolutely sure of the dimensions, and only then does the expensive
   wood come out!
       BTW, I don't know of the availability of maple where you are, but
   it is just fine for pipemaking in terms of tone and workability.

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     Looks like you have a D and F set. It's the new style Drill and Fill
     so common when a good reed is found for a crappy chanter. A mixture
     of powdered blackwood or ebony with super glue works wonders after
     filing then wet+dry then finnish off with a green scouring pad (nick
     the one from the kitchen sink) glue remover will free your hands
     from the chanter when finnished, have fun! Malcolm.-- CalecM wrote :
        I have just renamed the pipes I'm making.  Only one drone, drone
        chanter of different wood, chanter holes clearly moved by filling
        re-drilling.  May never be done.  Only one thing they could be
        "Scottish half-dones"
        Alec MacLean
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