If you modify your end plugs so that the outer parts are square, it
   will not roll around in the back of your car.  Also, if you have any
   kind of a carrying strap affixed to it, that to will stop the rolling
   Of course, depending on the slope of the river bank, anything will
   roll/fall into the river :-)

   On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:30, Richard York
   <[1]> wrote:

     I have a really useful lightweight case made from the ribbed black
     duct/pipe/tube whatever you may call it, about 6 or 7 inch internal
     diameter, which I rescued from surplus when they were laying new
     electric cables near us some 12 years ago. The nice man said that
     that pile was surplus offcuts, so I rescued some, and passed the
     other bits on to other pipers. (It no longer says "East Midlands
     Electricity" so clearly on it any more.)
     My dad kindly turned some wood into end plugs, one removable for the
     lid, fitting into a junction bit that was lying around.
     I wouldn't trust it with grenades, nor even squaddies jumping up &
     down on it (does this guy really hate his case so much?) but in
     normal robust use it's great, light, and waterproof.
     And you can tie a carrying strap firmly into the corrugations of the
     outside layer without having to make any holes in it.
     The only down side is that it's prone to roll, in the back of the
     car, or if placed on a slope, so no putting it down on riverbanks,
     for example!
     Keep your eyes open when driving past roadworks. They come in
     various sizes. Mine carries a set of Jon Swayne mouthblown G pipes
     very happily.
     I also use a drainpipe sawn in half longways and hinged, which came
     with a very second hand bass curtal I bought ages ago. It's even
     been tastefully covered with "Fablon" (remember it?!) wood effect
     sticky vinyl to make it look more like a proper case! Lined with
     foam, it works a treat.
     Best wishes,
     colin wrote:

     I do recall, on another piping list, someone mentioning using a
     length of (wide) plastic drainpipe with a strap riveted on for
     carrying purposes (the ends being made from drainpipe "end bits"
     they use to seal off a pipe - the unused end being stuck with the
     Of course, quite waterproof but one would have to ensure the bellows
     fitted in as well..
     Colin Hill.
     PS Yeah, I remember the Dutch guy and his Pelican case. I think he
     also has his squad jumping up and down on it as well. All survived.

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