Anthony wrote

As Stewart Hardy remarks when
asked to play such material at weddings, "yes, I could play that for
you but you might be very disappointed with the result"!

I can certainly agree with that sentiment!
I was once asked to play "You'll never walk alone" - on Highland pipes, at a 40th birthday party held in an ex-servicemen's club, and I did manage an approximation of it (bits transposed up or down as necessary) accompanied by one of those ancient analogue electronic organs you get in those sort of places, plus the disk-jockey crooning into his mike. It was a surprise for the Scotland-loving (but not Scottish!) and Liverpool-supporting birthday-boy organised by his wife. I have to admit it sounded unbelievably awful, but the guests and the birthday-boy all loved it, I was well paid and I had several drinks pressed on me before I escaped into the night.

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