Anyone out there who now finds themselves at a loose end on Sat 2nd
   October, we can still take some bookings for the Manchester group
   'Pipers' Day'.

   Piper's day will be held at the Cheadle Hulme Baptist Church hall from
   1000 to 2100.
   Address:- Grove Lane Baptist Church, Pingate Lane South (off Grove
   Lane), Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 7NP
   We have four first class tutors Inky Adrian, Chris Evans, Susan Craven
   and Richard Evans, a brilliant programme, excellent lunch and tea,
   fettling and advice and a good fun evening session.

   Contact - Margaret Watt, 2 Station Rd, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4EO
   (cheques -L-35 payable to Margaret Watt)  Tel 01484 643773 or

   Cheers Neil



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